Haunted Vegas Ghost Hunt
The Original Haunted Vegas Tour
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Location: Tour Begins at Tuscany Suites and Casino


How well do you know Las Vegas’ dark history? It’s one that’s filled with legendary encounters with the paranormal. Instead of watching from the sidelines, Vegas Specialty Tours takes you on a very personal and interactive haunted tour around town. Filled with real-life accounts of ghost sightings, your evening begins watching real footage that will leave you spellbound as you embark on this Haunted Vegas Ghost Hunt.

So that you’re prepared for the mysterious road ahead, you’ll be outfitted with ghost hunting gear including temperature-guaging guns, electromagnetic field meters and your very own dowsing rod to ensure you have all the techinical help you need for ghost hunting. Don’t worry, you’ll be trained in their usage so even if this is your first time on a ghost hunt, you’ll be properly equipped.

For the experienced paranormal enthusiast, don’t be fooled. This isn’t a thrill ride or entertainment spectacle, this is the real deal: a tour packed with the legendary history of supernatural occurrences around Vegas. For the skeptics, just know that the accounts reported here are not only true but have been investigated and substantiated.

The tour kicks off with a stop at the location of a real-life murder, a local pizza joint. And yes, pizza will be served. You’ll hear from experts who will give you an in-depth explanation about ethereal beings, why they haunt and more on their strange activities.

Next, you will be taken to a secret, mysterious location and will walk across a one-of-a-kind bridge. You’ll learn about the Tunnel People and hear more supernatural history that further explains about those on ‘the other side.’

This packed tour takes you on a few more mystery stops including a well-known park that has a legendary history of ghost sightings. It is here that you will experience a real session of Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Vegas has a lot dark stories to tell but none quite like the ones you will hear on the Haunted Vegas Ghost Hunt including accounts of legends from Liberace to 2Pac Shakur, Bugsy to Elvis and many many more.

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